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    Bill Gekas’ Portraits of His Daughter in the Style of Dutch Master Paintings.

    26th September

    Bill Gekas is an award-winning portrait photographer from Melbourne. He is entirely self taught having practised the art of photography and constantly refined his style since the mid 90s. Since 2010, Bill’s has been creating a series of portraits of his beautiful five-year-old daughter Athena, inspired by Dutch masters’ classic paintings. What was originally intended to be just a few personal portraits, became an ongoing art-project for Bill and his family…

    ‘Atlas The Lion’ – A Film by Tim Walker for LOVE [TV].

    2nd September

    Tim Walker & Katie Grand have collaborated for the 5th anniversary of Love Magazine with an extraordinary shoot dedicated to Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda.

    29 Ways to Stay Creative [TV].

    1st August

    A short animated video that shares simple tips on 29 ways to stay creative. A fantastic reminder for us all!

    ‘A Breath of Mobility’ by Yasuaki Onishi for Mercedes-Benz [TV].

    9th July

    Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz resulted in a monumental form based on the company’s 4-door CLA sedan.

    Introducing // Yellowtrace TV.

    1st July

    Dearest Design Lovin’ Dudes, I’m super excited to tell you that Yellowtrace now has a TV. Errrr, actually… I’m not here to brag about some giant TV we bought – no sir – nobody wants to hear about that, except maybe for the boys. Boring! What I really meant is that, in addition to the regular daily posting, you will now be seeing video content each week…

    Berndnaut Smilde Makes Real Clouds [TV].

    25th June

    Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde makes real clouds and brings a luminous weather phenomenon indoors just for a moment.

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    Gallery Post // Birkenstock HQ by Melbourne Design Studios.

    The Birkenstock HQ by Melbourne Design Studios is a retail, wholesale and workshop space that sings true to the essence of Birkenstock.
    Spectacular Floral Installations by Rebecca Louise Law.

    Rebecca Louise Law is a London-based installation artist, best known for her breathtaking interactive large-scale installations consisting of thousands of suspended flowers.
    FvF Apartment by Vitra and Freunde von Freunden // Berlin.

    The FvF Apartment in Mulackstrasse, Berlin is a monster cool collaborative project between interview magazine Freunde von Freunden and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. The...