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    Beautiful Buildings Below The Ground.

    14th March

    Sunken buildings sitting below the ground are a scary thought. Dark, hidden hovels that cause claustrophobia and fear of your surroundings collapsing in on you while you sleep. Ok, that is being slightly melodramatic, but you have to admit the thought of such spaces is not particularly appealing as a place to live. But yes – you guessed it – today’s story is here to prove the theory wrong.

    Nikbor Hostel by Normal Estudio // Barcelona.

    4th February

    Nikbor Hostel by Normal Estudio sits in a prime location on the top floors of a classical building in Barcelona. Overlooking the Jardinets de Gracia at the top of Paseo de Gracia, the hostel began on a privileged note. As a place for young, independent travellers and students, Normal Estudio put a fresh spin on the original tone and turned the space into something completely new – a hybrid of stateliness and youthful freshness.

    Cinematic Self Portraits by Anja Niemi.

    17th October

    Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi combines self-portraits with staged narratives to create stunning cinematic result. The images feel like scenes from old movies, with talented photographer cast as all the characters. Niemi refers to herself as a ‘one-man band’, as she always works alone. ‘I love every aspect of creating an image and would not want to give any of it away.’

    INSIDE World Festival of Interiors Shortlist // 2013.

    12th July

    INSIDE World Festival of Interiors is the largest design awards programme dedicated to celebrating interior design excellence from around the globe. The 2013 shortlist just got announced and it’s super hot. But let me warn you – this is one big juicy post, absolutely dripping with shit hot images. If you think you can handle it, then proceed for more…

    “Hotel Black” Temporary Installation by Studio Guilherme Torres at MostraBlack, Brazil.

    21st June

    São Paulo-based Studio Guilherme Torres recently completed a temporary installation titled “Hotel Black”. The project formed part of MostraBlack – a 40-day annual event that features creativity of the top professionals in architecture, design and décor throughout Brazil. There is a strong sense of repetition and clarity within the interior. The combination of the geometric wall pattern, relentless lines on windows and ceilings (which are also picked up in the iconic PP Møbler’s PP225 Flag Halyard Chair), and linear shadows cast on floors and walls render the interior with a sense of depth, visual richness and overall hotness…

    Ett Hem Hotel by Studio Ilse // Stockholm, Sweden.

    22nd February

    I first became aware of Ett Hem Stockholm almost a year ago, however it wasn’t until just the other day that I was compelled to post my own little tribute to this wonderful interior. Ett Hem (“a home” in Swedish) is a 12 room boutique hotel situated in a former diplomat’s townhouse dating back to 1910. The original building was designed by architect Fredrik Dahlberg, and it was lovingly refurbished last year, ensuring the sprit of the original house was preserved, while crafting a contemporary hotel that feels like a home…

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