• Decor Codes by Studiopepe.

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    Studiopepe: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Borghese Eclettico.

    Studiopepe: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Wild Inside.

    Studiopepe: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Black Dandy.

    Elle Decor Italia: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Soft Dream.

    Elle Decor Italia: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Couture Reloaded.

    Elle Decor Italia: Decor Codes | Yellowtrace.

    Etnico Pastello.


    We all know how craaaazy in love I am with the supremely talented Milan-based Studiopepe. Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto take conceptual styling to a whole new level! Their latest project for Elle Decor Italia is titled “Decor Codes” – a comment on current styling looks and tends. These sets recently appeared at Abitare 100%, a trade-fair in Verona for interior design market. Superb, flawless and extremely awesome as always.

    See more work by Studiopepe on Yellowtrace.


    [Photography by Max Zambelli. Images courtesy of Studiopepe.]


  • One Response to “Decor Codes by Studiopepe.”

    1. LP says:

      Love Borghese Eclettico and Wild Inside – they remind me of my parent’s place in the 70s!

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