• Staring At The Stair.

    Posted on 12th June, by Dana Tomić Hughes in architecture, interior design. 9 Comments


    Wowee! How completely amazing is this stair? Arrrghhh, the awesomeness is killing me! This fine work belongs to an Italian architect Francesco Librizzi and is situated in an original 1900s building in Milan. Ok, so let’s just ignore for a moment that this design doesn’t actually comply with the stringent building regulations in this country. Also, let’s forget about the practicalities of climbing up thin steel frame “treads” (it’s just like a glorified three-dimensional ladder). I am still most impressed that someone has managed to rethink and redefine a conventional staircase, and in turn create a beautiful sculptural object with exquisite proportions and ethereal geometry.

    Extreme love!

    p.s. This reminds me of one of my favourite posts from the archives – Thin Black Lines. Also, you can find more yellowtrace curated stair p*rn in this post.

    [Photography by Giovanna Silva, via Domus.]

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    1. Anna says:

      I don’t have access to the NCC at the moment, but I think you could have something like this in Australia, it would just be classified as a ladder and not a stair, for obvious reasons!

      I seem to remember coming across this issue at uni.

      Very beautiful ladder though.

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    7. Jaymie says:

      I’ve fallen in love with this too. Sigh…

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