• Salone del Mobile | Milan 2011.

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    Kartell stand was one of the most imaginative and deservedly the most talked about at the fair this year. With strong references to yesteryear traveling circus theatres and colourful pop-aesthetics, Kartell’s new and old product took centre stage in this mini-circus show. Extreme love. Extreme budget.

    Ok, so the Vitra stylist really knows their shit. That’s all I’m sayin’. Like last year, Vitra stand was presented like a mini design museum with beautiful products, props and colours. New product released this year features big names such as Antonio CitterioKonstantin GrcicJasper Morrison and others.

    Poliform, once again, presented a truly beautiful stand. This year they introduced a fair amount of colour, texture and a real sense of fun. Poliform goes fluoro. Say what? Love, love, love.

    Flexform were in their typical fine form. Heh – get it? FlexFORM, fine FORM… Nah, forget it – that was pretty lame.

    After my morning visit to the SaloneSatellite, next stop was the bigger-than-Ben-Hur Salone del Mobile. Holy moly, my poor little feet were already sore after all the walking. This year marked 50 years of I Saloni which has grown significantly since it’s humble beginnings. In case you are interested, in 1961 the fair welcomed 12,000 visitors to a 11,000 square metres of display space and 328 exhibitors. This year, the fair received over 300,000 visitors to over 200,000 sqm of display space and over 2,500 exhibitors. EPIC!

    These photos were taken across 4 different halls which housed all the major brands. This year’s most talked about stand was definitely Kartell, and it just so happened to be the very first one I saw at the fair. Half my luck hey, as everything was downhill from there… Kidding!

    In case you can’t get enough of Salone del Mobile, you can check out my last year’s post by clicking here.


    Pierantonio Bonacina stand had a lovely feel with backlit translucent walls.

    New stuff from Moroso by Patrizia Urquiola and Nendo. They can do no wrong.

    More goodness from Moroso. It was interesting to finally see and touch Tokujin Yoshioka’s ‘Memory’ chair (top image). Bottom images show new designs by Patrizia Urquiola and Nendo. Loved the colour styling Moroso did this year, although their overall stand was not very exciting (apart from the product, which I almost always love).

    German company COR und interlübke stand had the best cushions ever. Ok, I realise I’m not actually showing any in my photos here so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    Outdoor chairs from the new ‘Home Collection’ designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni. Bottom left – long time favourite timber log side tables.

    Like last year, Lema blew me away. Super cool stand housed in a series of shipping containers (must have cost a bomb!) with super delicious styling. Lema - I heart you man.

    Casamilano stand with a beautiful sofa designed by Paola Navone. Pretty sure it was launched last year or even the year before, but it’s still very beautiful.

    Nub chair by Patrizia Urquiola (LADY, is there anything you cannot do?) for Andreu World was one of my favourite chairs. The reason I love it so much is because it adapts so well to a number of different bases, back heights/ seat widths, colours and finishes options. Once again, well played Urquiola.

    Ah… Edra stand was completely insane as usual. Fun.

    Missoni. Riot of colours, textures and patterns. And a new outdoor fabric. Enough said.

    Sicis stand complete with Christian Lacroix furniture. Intense, opulent and extravagantly OTT. And kind of a ready-made concept for a hospitality venue, don’t you think?

    Whilst Magis stand wasn’t exactly exciting by design, they were one of the brands which impressed me with quite a few beautiful new products. Some fantastic new (and reworked classic) chairs were released this year. Hats off Magis.

    You are looking at the Frigerio stand right now. That giant cupboard with wire doors was such a fantastic backdrop, let me tell you.

    General scenes from this year’s Salone del Mobile. For your viewing pleasure.


    [All images © yellowtrace.]

  • 4 Responses to “Salone del Mobile | Milan 2011.”

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh my lord. It’s all too much for a Tuesday morning! Gorgeous furniture, I love it. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos.

    2. Gemma says:

      So you’ve been on this amazing trip…. seen the most gorgeous funriture & design…. what I want to know is…. how did you manage to take such great photos without a thousand people sitting all over the place!!!??

    3. YOU ARE BACK.
      I didn’t even realise.
      What a fantastic amount of photos (8,000-odd – A.mazing!!).
      It looks like you had the best time.
      And catching up the family .. delightful???

      Now, design-wise .. that is soooo much too take in.
      I now have soooo many links to go to and drool over.
      So much creativity in one setting.
      So much $$’s spent on the stands. Another A.mazing!!

      Thanks Dana. For all the pics. Can’t wait to see more.
      Welcome back lovely (-:

    4. yellowtrace says:

      Lauren – it’s my pleasure! Tuesday mornings are my speciality ;)
      Gemma – what can I say. Husband’s got some skills (and I am really good at pushing people out of the way!)
      LINDA! Yes, I’m totes back now. Super amazing trip. More crazy cool stuff to come. My little brain is exploding from all the inspiration.

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