Introducing // Yellowtrace TV.
Photo by Andrew Rich. Graphic layout by Yellowtrace.


Dearest Design Lovin’ Dudes,

I’m super excited to tell you that Yellowtrace now has a TV. Errrr, actually… I’m not here to brag about some giant TV we bought – no sir – nobody wants to hear about that, except maybe for the boys. Boring! What I really meant is that, in addition to the regular daily posting, you will now be seeing more video content each week. With the proliferation of new technology enabling us to capture moving images so easily, videos are literally everywhere these days – I mean, even Instagram is onto it. But what does this really mean for you and I? Well, just like the rest of the content here on Yellowtrace, the videos will also be highly curated – we are going for quality, not quantity. Always. Having said this, with so many brilliant videos out there, we would literally be doing an injustice if we didn’t share them with you.


Introducing // Yellowtrace TV.


In fact, you may have already noticed a few art, design and lifestyle videos turn up in your your daily email/ RSS feed/ the front page. In addition to this, you can see all our video content on it’s own dedicated page.

Hope you like. As always, we welcome your feedback with open arms.

Mama Yellowtrace xx


Illustration by Simon Prades | Yellowtrace.
Hommage to Mr. Hitchcock and his “Rear Window”. Illustration by Simon Prades.


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