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    Posted on 6th August, by Dana Tomić Hughes in personal. 2 Comments


    Dearest yellowtrace friends,

    Some of you may have noticed the Post Gallery tab which has been sitting pretty under the main blog header ever since we relaunched the site back in January. Given we are now in August, that “coming soon” sign started to become a bit of false advertising. “How soon is soon”, you asked. “Can’t wait to see the post gallery – what is it?” Etcetera.

    Well, we finally did it! Post Gallery is live and ready for some action baby! Woot! We introduced it as an added feature for easier visual navigation through all the blog posts. It is also there to feed you an unhealthy dose of high-octane design inspiration.** You can browse through the latest articles by looking at images without having to read the text, or focus your search around specific categories or months etc. Have a little looksie and let me know what you think – would love to hear your thoughts.



    Once again, I need to thank the one and only awesome Husband with mad Ninja-skills and my kick-ass web developer brother who busted some serious kung-fu code to bring this project to life. Ok, off to the next challenge now. No rest for the wicked!

    mama yellowtrace xx

    **Please consult your health care professional before indulging in yellowtrace Post Gallery. The contents of the Gallery are highly addictive and extended use may be dangerous for your productivity. If symptoms persist, do not let your boss find out about it under any circumstances. If caught red-handed, you could try the “professional research and development” angle. Yellowtrace takes no responsibility for your professional wellbeing…

  • 2 Responses to “Introducing // Yellowtrace Post Gallery.”

    1. Lauren says:

      This is a great thing! Much appreciated that you’re so open to share your massive image library and not hoard it all to yourself! Great resource, and yes I’ve tried that one ‘professional research’ and I’m sticking to it!

    2. Nina says:

      LOVING the gallery- I can swim around in the posts undisturbed! LOVE it!
      Thanks Mama!

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