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Yellowtrace is a design studio established in 2008 by Sydney based interior designer, Dana Tomic Hughes. Borne out of a desire to share her creative talents, passion for design and conceptual thinking with collaborators and clients alike, Yellowtrace’s design philosophy is based on a holistic approach that translates brands and ideas into places and spaces. Each project begins with a strong concept which becomes the key to creating inspiring, meaningful and enduring environments and experiences.

Our goal is to expand our clients’ imagination and bring a fresh perspective to what their new interior could be. Design potential is infinite and we aim to expand possibilities and open our clients’ eyes and hearts to everything the world of interiors (and non-interiors) has to offer. With a wealth of design knowledge and a strong network of talented designers, architects and artists, Yellowtrace is committed to making your next project a rewarding and exciting experience.

So what is the significance of the name Yellowtrace? Yellowtrace is a soft tone transparent sketch paper used by architects and designers for concept drawings, preliminary layouts and studies for final renderings. Dana goes through kilometers of Yellowtrace when starting any project – it is where most of her ideas and concepts are born before they are developed into final designs and built forms. In fact, Dana wrote a little post about it some time ago, which you can read right here.

Do you have a design project you need help with?

We will take the pain away and do the hard things! Our services include:

+ Full Scope Interior Design & Project Management
+ Creative Direction & Styling
+ Design Collaboration
+ Interior Branding
+ Conceptual Thinking & Design Strategy
+ Cutting-Edge Design Trends
+ Writing, Teaching and Speaking

If you are committed to design excellence, have a passion for beautiful things, and would still like to have fun in the process of creating amazing results, please send an email to


Please do not send any blog submissions to this address – this e-mail is for project related inquiries only. Thank you.


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