• Habitus Magazine GIVEAWAY!

    Posted on 28th September, by Dana Tomić Hughes in online + print. 35 Comments

    Top image of Habitus Issue 09 cover which is out now. Bottom image taken with my trusty iPhone of my own copy of Habitus’ launch issue. Proof that I really I do love it.


    Do you guys read Habitus? If you are – high five to you. If you are not – why the hell not? You are totally missing out. I personally have every single copy since it’s launch issue in October/December 2008 as per Exhibit A. I love it. Clearly.

    At the moment, Habitus magazine and Smeg are giving their subscribers the chance to win a red Smeg FAB28 refrigerator worth $3,990. How awesome is that? I would love one of those puppies in my kitchen. As if you needed an incentive to subscribe to Habitus in the first place, now you have no excuse not to do it. Find out more information on this page, or click here to subscribe.



    And now for even more good news.  GIVEAWAY alert! Hooray!

    Habitus and yellowtrace are giving away a one year subscription to Habitus magazine, delivered straight to your door (or the door of someone you love). The prize is valued up to $90 AUD (depending on where you live in the world). To enter, please leave a comment below and let me know how fabulous you think yellowtrace is. Ok, that’s totally an ego driven request, as I feel like getting a bit of lovin’ today. I’m kidding! You can in fact say (almost) anything in the comments section and the subscription could be yours. You have until midnight Friday 1st October (Sydney time) to enter. The winner will be picked at random and notified via e-mail. If you have these posts delivered to your inbox, please don’t just reply to the e-mail as your entry won’t count – make sure to pop over to yellowtrace and leave a comment to enter.

    Good luck!

    Oh and make sure to check out habitusliving.com and the Habitus online shop. Right. That should keep you busy for a few hours.

    x dana


    UPDATE – This competition is now closed. Thank you all so much for entering and for your wonderful comments. I really feel the L.O.V.E! I wish I could give a subscription to each and every one of you, alas there can only be one winner. The Random Number Generator has spoken and the winner is Kirsty Pryer.  Hooray for Kirsty!

    p.s. Do you want to know something really annoying? My comments don’t have a number next to them so I had to count each one to get to 26, which shouldn’t be such a big deal but I stuffed it up so many times while I was scrolling up and down the screen so it took me forever. Boring! Anyway, that’s my whinge for the day.


    Some images from the the current Habitus Issue 09. See? Beautiful.

  • 35 Responses to “Habitus Magazine GIVEAWAY!”

    1. Hi Dana. Habitus is almost my fav mag. I have every issue ‘except’ issue 2 .. they are lined up in my bookcase library and whenever I feel I need an actual read with pretty pictures, out it pops. Put me in the draw to win OK .. I’m hopeless at winning anything (never win a coin toss for eg) but you just never know!!! (-:

    2. Marija Vizintin says:

      I discovered via Facebook and my friends Yellowtrace only 2 weeks ago, and can not imagine my day without it no!!!
      I love design and photography, and all beautifull things so Yellowtrace quickly became my daily dosage of beauty in my life.

      My regards
      Marija Vizintin
      202 Cressy Road
      North Tyde NSW 2113

    3. Hat says:

      About to to a DIY kitchen and bathroom in our first home so having Habitus for a year for inspiration would be great!

    4. JKennedy says:

      I only make time to read two blogs out of the zillion blogs out there and yours is one of them…. i need habitus mag cause all the mags in the USA are no where near as good the Aussie mags!!!!

    5. Mahani says:

      i love yellowtrace! do you need an assistant? ; )

    6. Some love for Yellowtrace… I read every new post and love what you are doing. Great for my daily dose of inspiration. Jx

    7. BTShaw says:

      YELLOWTRACE, you crazy with all your posts that ROCK MY WORLD!! I often FB share your posts and have some of your pics as backgrounds on my work computer… inspiration in the tedious world of corporate graphic design. I subscribe to the RSS feed and when I see new posts pop up my heart is a flutter, knowing what ever has been posted is going to be good. It’s been said once but I’ll say it again USA mags blow… they are snobby and out of touch with what I need and I NEED Habitus.

      **Fingers Crossed!!

    8. lauren says:

      i heart yellowtrace, such a cute name for a super cute blogetyblog!!

    9. Nina says:

      I love that you write your name on the top of your mags too!

    10. Jacqui says:

      Yellowtrace is my muse. Every morning before I head down to my studio to paint I flip through Yellowtrace and take in the colors, textures, sassiness, and surprises. Thank you!

      If my muse likes Habitus, I know I’ll like it, too!

    11. Chloe Walker says:

      I just found you via Twitter but I love Habitus and I’m sure I’ll love yellowtrace! Off to read some more…

    12. Emiltona says:

      Yes yes yes yes please please please gush gush gush, sincerely.

    13. Dorothy Milfort says:

      pick me, pick me!

    14. Amina says:

      HABITUS is my fav design mag too!
      @Linda from OEKE: you can buy any missing issues by emailing the publishers directly, I did that and ordered whatever issue I missed out on.

    15. Thanks Amina. I think I’ll go do that now (-:

      Heh, if I post twice – does that mean I have double the chance. Woohooo

    16. Sophie says:

      I would love to join this giveaway :) – Sophie

    17. Nat S says:

      life is beautiful

    18. Adrian says:

      Habitus is one of those very few magazines that feels and looks better when reading the physical copy instead of a digital one … a full year’s subscription will be fantastic! Thanks yellowtrace!

    19. Cmon random generator…be my lucky day!

    20. Natasha says:

      Oh! Yes please! And you are fabulous indeed.

    21. Dee says:

      Great mag, awesome blog!

    22. Joe Michalski says:

      Great site and easy to read! Glad to find you on twitter!

    23. Eleni says:

      Love your blog! Nice to learn about Habitus! Thanks!

    24. Robin Braithwaite says:

      Have only recently discovered Habitus but love it and would LOVE LOVE LOVE a subscription. Have also only just discovered you and am really enjoying the blog.

    25. Kirsty Pryer says:

      So my favourite 3 things of a morning (in no particular order) are that first cup of tea, seeing my boys when just as they get up and checking out Yellowtrace for my daily inspiration, so I need Habitus to add to my inspiration, especially on the weekends!

    26. Anne-Marie Leo says:

      Hi Dana,
      My boss told me about Yellowtrace as someone told him it was devoted to reviews on workstations ( our industry,yawn…) so I checked it out reluctantly, and thankfully – it was soon to be one of my fav design blogs which I can read at work and not get the evils!! Yay:)
      So thanks for all the hard work and scouting of super cool inspiration! Cheers!

    27. Kiri says:

      I would love to have a subscription to Habitus! My Inside Out Magazine subscription is running out and i will certainly need some inspiration as i look for jobs as i have just finished college.
      Sounds like its pretty rad!

    28. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by indesignlive, yellowtrace, yellowtrace, Benjamin Morgan, Lou Pardi and others. Lou Pardi said: RT @DramaTomic: Habitus magazine subscription GIVEAWAY! Hooray! http://bit.ly/8ZifmN @habitusliving [...]

    29. Adam Paikos says:

      Life rule: the grass is always greener where it is watered.

      Keep up the grand work… So many great things to read. Have a great weekend, Adam

    30. Celia says:

      Yes please! I love it that Habitus show people in the environments they shoot rather than design images devoid of life.

    31. As if I have only just found this website now!! Seriously it is great to find a website that includes awesome articles like yours. Thank you!

    32. rachael says:

      I love finding locally made products on Yellowtrace, new Australian shops and the like. Apart from supporting local people, it also means shipping is less astronomical in the case of furniture ;)

    33. Grazer says:

      2 architects, 2 children, 1 mortgage, 1 income and one design magazine purchase allowed for in the spreadsheet. Our choice is Habitus! Oh, and Yellowtrace is also our design blog of choice!

    34. Habitus is for readers who are passionate about design. It is a quarterly, cross-cultural magazine that covers the South-East Asian and Australasian region. Habitus explores how architecture and design express various ways of life, going beyond one-dimensional reportage to gain a real understanding of how people live.Habitus offers an opportunity to become connected with this rich and diverse region, talking to renowned personalities to gain an insight into their design philosophies.

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