• Design Free Thursday // The Burning House by Foster Huntington.

    Posted on 6th December, by Dana Tomić Hughes in online + print, photography, random fun. No Comments


    Portland-based photographer Foster Huntington is the man behind the ongoing blog project The Burning House (What Would You Take?), which recently became a book. Huntington had an interesting idea to invite a bunch of people to lay out the belongings they would bring with them in the event their home was on fire. This is an intriguing concept and it poses a question about the most important “things” that define us, the ones we simply can’t imagine having in our lives.

    Having said this, I’m not entirely convinced some of these people understood the seriousness of the situation they were asked to “curate” for. I say curate, as a lot of these collections make me think these peeps presented items along the lines of “Show us your obscure hipster junk” or “How to still look cool when your house has burned down”. I seriously doubt anyone would give a shit about rescuing “some fine dark chocolate… a Dyptique candle… 6inch heel patent pumps… David Bowie’s Let’s Dance tape…”  Puh-lease! Anyway, I digress. So why did I post about this? Well, the truth is that looking at these images, as ridiculous as some of them are, has really made me think about what was important to me, and it reminded me to always count my blessings…


    [Images courtesy of Foster Huntington/ The Burning House.]

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