• Baccarat Highlights | Milan 2011.

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    ‘Sora collection’ by Japanese artist Eriko Horiki is a series of chandeliers which combines the delicate materials of two different craft traditions – Japanese Washi paper and crystals.  “When today’s traditions were created, they were the innovations of the day. I am convinced that the only way to approach any form of creation is to study the past in order to imagine the future”. – EH.

    Zénith Midnight & Zénith Comète by Baccarat.

    More chandeliers designed by Baccarat.

    Candy Light by Jaime Hayon. (Well, what do you know – it’s JH again! Jamie, do you need to lie down after all this stuff you launched in Milan this year?)

    In a highly publicised and much talked about event, French crystal house Baccarat presented an exhibition which featured reinterpretations of classic chandeliers by eight internationally renowned designers - Philippe Starck, Michele De Lucchi, Eriko Horiki, Jaime HayonYann Kersalé,Arik Levy, Alain Moatti & Henri Rivière.

    Exhibition took place at Palazzo Morando (Via Sant’Andrea 6) in a series of cascading rooms with dream-like scenery and soundscapes. My personal favourites were the chandeliers by Eriko Horiki who combined Japanese Washi paper with crystal; Jamie Hayon’s sweet little Candy Light and  Philippe Starck‘s quirky and highly conceptual “Marie Coquine” chandelier which was housed within an umbrella hanging off a support tripod structure on castors and counterbalanced by a boxing bag (WHAT? I know, it’s sounds crazy, but trust me – it’s awesome).

    Anyway, I never thought that blinged-up crystal chandeliers could look so good. Seeing all these amazing lights made me quite LIGHT-headed. Boom-boom! Get it? Light, as in… Ah, forget it.


    Marie Coquine by Philippe Starck.

    Jardin de Cristal by Yann Kersalé.

    Entry to Baccarat exhibition at Palazzo Morando.

    Below are a few press images, just because I love the photography and the set. Nice one Baccarat.


    Marie Coquine by Philippe Starck. Photo by Philippe Lacombe. Set-design by Pierre Glanddier. Image courtesy of Baccarat. (See it’s completely made. And I love it!)

    Zénith Comète by Baccarat. Photo by Philippe Lacombe. Set-design by Pierre Glanddier. Image courtesy of Baccarat.

    Jardin de Cristal by Yann Kersalé. Photo by Philippe Lacombe. Set-design by Pierre Glanddier. Image courtesy of Baccarat.

    Candy Light by Jaime Hayon. Photo by Philippe Lacombe. Set-design by Pierre Glanddier. Image courtesy of Baccarat.

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  • 2 Responses to “Baccarat Highlights | Milan 2011.”

    1. beautiful! especially the Zénith Comète….

    2. reddeco (s) says:

      - the candy light and the Jardin de Cristal items are exceptional – love the phillipe starck re-interpretation, ‘purely functional’ -

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