• Ashkan Honarvar’s Vanitas Collages | Guest Post by The Artful Desperado.

    Posted on 14th May, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art, graphics + illustration. 2 Comments


    I have a slight (borderline clinical condition) addiction to collages. Pattern, colour, texture – what’s not to like!

    One of my favorite collage artists is Ashkan Honarvar. He’s a genius when it comes to communicating social issues through images. In his series Vanitas, Ashkan teams up with stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen (two other artful aces!) to depict the equilibrium between life and death and “the instincts that guide people under extreme circumstances”.

    Holy guacamole – I think Ashkan has created the perfect visual marriage between fashion, art and poetry, don’t you think?


    [All images: Ashkan Honarvar]

  • 2 Responses to “Ashkan Honarvar’s Vanitas Collages | Guest Post by The Artful Desperado.”

    1. Leah Marie says:

      Such a great post! I had almost completely forgotten my love of collage.

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