• 3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes.

    Posted on 7th November, by Dana Tomić Hughes in installations, interior design. 4 Comments

    Ok, I admit it – this is a slightly random posts. But then again, I’ve had a few of those in the past. I recently spotted a couple of thing which reminded me of each-other so I decided to include them in a “this-goes-with-that” type posts. Both examples manage to transform commonplace materials (timber dowels and paper pies) into dramatic design installations. Extreme love!



    This “Peg Wall Bookcase” is made of thousands of timber dowels which form an undulating, three-dimensional surface. Such a clever, visually arresting sculptural form which is both beautiful and functional. Designed by Elizabeth Whittaker of Merge Architects.



    DIGIT installation at Diesel Art Gallery in Shibuya, Japan by Beijing-based designer Yoshimasa Tsutsumi uses stacks of 10,000 square paper pipes which act as tiny moveable drawers that people can DIG (IT) their own way. The wall can be physically manipulated and configured to create infinite possibilities for furniture display. Although probably not the most attractive way to show off products, this walls is a super clever concept which merges the interior, display and products into one. Photography by Kanta Ushio.

    [Images courtesy of Custom Home and We Heart.]

  • 4 Responses to “3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes.”

    1. rae underhill says:

      And dont forget http://gilesmiller.com/!!!

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